Our Goals:

Most of the children we support are orphans, but also many come from one-parent families or are "Street Children", abandoned and abused, with so many needs. Poverty, illiteracy, neglect, emotional scars and poor health are common problems. The objective of the orphanage is to equip the children with a solid foudation of spiritual, educational, social, cultural and health options so they can become independent, decent and helpful citizens for the good and welfare of any society. The board will develop and promote these ideas, so the children can have a better tomorrow and a positive and healthy outloook wherever they choose to live. The listed below are services currently provided to our children:


We are currenly able to offer tea every morning and one healthy supper meal later in the day. It is our hope in the future to provide a healthy, nutritious organic blended drink with fresh vegetables and fruit to supplement the diet of children. This supplement will also help prevent malnutrition and save lives.


Our team teaches the children lifeskills so that in the future they can care for themselves and others. We have both male and female role models to help guide the children in their development and learning. It is our priority to attend to the children in a wholistic way, caring about their physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual development.



Our team in the Congo and in Canada are working hard to provide our children with comfortable housing where they can live and sleep in safety. We have a live-in caregiver who looks after the children throughout the day and night. It is our plan in the near future to build a new residence for the children that better fits their needs.


One of Mukanzo Orphanage Foundation's main goals is to provide education so that the children succeed in life and become contributing members of society, regardless of the path they choose to follow. The children attend different schools in the area depending on their grade level. We have been able to provide all school supplies and pay for tuition for all of the children to attend school.

Health Care

One of the main reasons children are losing their parents is due to poor health. The Mukanzo Orphanage Foundation is dedicated to address all health care needs quickly, by ensuring children are seen by doctors when needed and receive all treatments necessary to restore wellness. We also ensure that the children are protected at night with mosquito nets.


Keeping our children active through sports, play and other activities such as singing is another important goal at Mukanzo Foundation. We believe that play, sports and group activites help them stay healthy, build positive relationships, and build leadership and teamwork skills.

"...an educated society will promote tolerance and peace, justice and understanding, innovation and advancement, and positive, self-sustaining growth. It's important to educate our children, no matter where they live, for they will grow to become responsible citizens of their society. Each child represents a future, the future of the community, of the country and indeed the future of the whole world. There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children."

- Nelson Mandela -

One of the schools attended by the children
Celebrating getting school supplies
Another school the some of the children attend
Holiday celebration
The children having their evening meal