We are thrilled to announce that the students from Madeline's school want to come alongside the kids of Mukanzo to host a SECOND WHEELATHON in the NORTH end of the city this year!! This second Wheelathon will actually take place on SATURDAY MAY 26TH AT BIRDS HILL PARK, before the original WHEELATHON which will happen on Sunday June 24th in Norwood Flats. Confused yet?!!

The Wheelathon happening in BIRDS HILL PARK on Saturday MAY 26th will be raising money for LUMINAIDE solar powered lanters, as well as DRIED CATERPILLARS!!

In countries near the equator darkness falls quickly and early, leaving many children without light by which to study at night. Bringing LUMINAIDES into a village has been shown to be DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to grades achieved by students. We already have 1 solar powered light at Mukanzo but this has been inconsistently non-operational, and frequently unable to provide the children with the light that they need to study with. Additionally, Luminaides help light the way to the outdoor toilet facilities at night, decreasing the risk to the children. WE ARE EXCITED ABOUT LUMINAIDES!!

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