Salisbury Morse Place School supports Mukanzo Orphanage!!

When 8 year olds Maya and Caitlin found out that the kids of Mukanzo Orphanage needed gardening tools in order to start a garden, they decided to put an idea into action!! They planned a bake sale at their school, Salisbury Morse Place, in order to raise the necessary funds! They practiced with their teacher Madame Brown, and with several other children from their classroom made an announcement in front of the entire school! "Kids helping Kids Bake Sale" was their theme. Many enthusiastic volunteers baked items which were sold during the parent teacher interviews on March 23rd and 24th. In the end >$130 was raised to purchase the necessary gardening tools for the kids of Mukanzo to start their garden!! We are so impressed with the initiative of these 2 young ladies. We are thankful for, and humbled by the support of the kids, parents, teachers, and administrative staff of Salisbury Morse Place School!! WAY TO GO MAYA AND CAITLIN!

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