FaithWorks Pods Christmas Fundraiser 2016

Right before Christmas the kids at FaithWorks had a pyjama fundraiser for the kids of Mukanzo. Madame Odette had said that the kids really needed pyjamas, so Madeline & Lizzie made an announcement wearing their pyjamas!! The day before the four week fundraiser was scheduled to end we received notice that Auguy was leaving for the Congo the very next morning. We counted our pyjamas and saw that we had lots of toys but we were short on pyjamas. Literally moments later we received an e-mail that Old Navy was having a one day sale on pyjamas!! Elizabeth, Madeline & Lizzie headed off to Old Navy after school that same day, to buy pyjamas. They spent all the money that was donated, plus $200. We packed a big duffle bag full of toys, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, and pyjamas. At church that evening we were amazed when we received just over $200 from people who hadn't had time to buy pyjamas, thus covering all of our expenses! Auguy got the bag to Tshikapa on Christmas Eve! The children were thrilled.

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