Wheel-a-Thon 2016

In the early spring planning for the third annual Wheel-a-Thon began. Flyers were distributed to over 400 people in the Norwood neighborhood of Winnipeg. This year the Madeline, Lizzie and Kyleigh made posters, buttons, many lists of donors and participants, and announcements in their schools and churches. The girls tirelessly fundraised with their family and friends, and went door to door in the neighbourhood. In the end the third annual Wheel-a-Thon surpassed all expectations! It was a massive success! On June 26th nearly 100 people gathered in the pouring rain (and it was pouring) and cycled for 1 hour in support of the children of Mukanzo Orphanage. The girls made speeches and organized everybody with a megaphone. One neighbour came and provided homemade cookies and freezies for everybody, which really added a lot to the event. In the end they rised just over $6000 for orpahange! With the money raised not only were they able to pay for the children's fall school supplies, but they were able to cover the entire cost of a new piece of land where the future orphanage will be built.

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