We survive only with generous support and donations provided by kind hearted people from all over the world. We hope you will be able to join us in this great cause of keeping the children happy in a place they can call "HOME", building solid foundations for their present and future.

With your contributions, we were able to renovate the Orphanage`s front Entrance:

We are still requesting for financial assistance to address the challenges below;

Food: Sometimes the orphanage runs out of funds to buy food for the orphans as the centre depends on contributions from the members, and donations from friends, which sometimes is not enough to sustain a steady flow of food supplies.

Medical care: Some medical cases of orphans are so complicated that they require specialized medical attention that the orphanage cannot offer at the moment like the case of Benedict and Therese who have eye sickness and needed specialized medical attentions. Two other children had broken legs and could not get hospital assistance and they ended up using traditional treatment, but are not healed yet.

Educational materials: Due to limited funding, five orphans (beyond 15years of age) who would otherwise be in school have not been able to go to school. Most of them are lacking school fees, uniforms, school supplies and etc…

Building: The photos on the website were taken at The Mukanzo Foundation Orphanage. Presently one side of the orphanage has been renovated. The orphanage urgently needs 25 mosquito nets and needs to finish the renovation project inside and out.


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